I'm at my best with projects that require focus, strategy, and an attention to detail. I excel in solving technical or difficult issues on projects which require math, a capable craftsman's touch, a curious mind, and the fabrication of custom flashings that can't just be bought "off the shelf". I generally work within the Portland metro area but will travel on occasion.



-Copper panel roof systems-


Copper has been my primary interest for the last couple of years. It is where I aim to dedicate the majority of my time. I love working with copper for two reasons. First, its beauty. From the impossible vibrant glow at its outset, the many shades of browns, blacks, and greens, to its inevitable and unmistakable iconic patina.

Second, and more importantly, it is a pure element (check out a periodic table!). I can weld, solder, hammer, and anneal it without worry of damage to its core properties which give it its longevity. It is pure, through and through.




-Copper 1/2 round gutters-


Not only do these half rounds look beautiful, but with stout brackets on the underside (instead of spikes going through) and copper's natural anti microbial properties,... cleaning is much easier! With my attention to detail and strong pride in my work, I guarantee you will love the way they look and function.



-Handcrafted copper 1/2 round gutter brackets-


I make these gorgeous brackets from 1/8 inch x 2 inch and 3/16 inch x 1 inch pure copper busbar. Once shaped, riveted, drilled, and countersunk, they weigh in at over 1 to 2 pounds apiece and a grown man could hang from one! I can create these custom brackets to fit just about any fascia perfectly.



-Copper chimney caps-


I can create chimney caps, and other flashings such as leader heads out of super-thick 24-oz copper. I use a TIG welder to actually weld the seams instead of using solder. By welding, I can use the same base metal (copper) to join the seams. With this method, not only are the corner joints stronger, but they also look chiseled and clean, instead of showing sloppy puddles of lead-tin solder.