A quick glance.

Some snapshots representing my range. A handful of projects from very big to very small, in and out, up and down!



-A large 9000 sq ft roof-

12 inch x 1.5 inch mechanical seamed steel panel in preweathered galvalume.


-Bay window roof in copper-

16-oz copper panel with a double lock mechanical seam, folded hip, and concealed clip to secure panels to. I used copper busbar just below the eave to add dimensional continuity to the wood molding below.



-Copper shelves-

1/4 inch solid copper plate (quite heavy!), stenciled to fit an irregular shaped interior, and hit with the peen of a hammer 29 thousand times.




-Dinner bell-

Made from the body of an old fire extinguisher. I was able to use the inner copper tube to create a striking hammer.


-Stainless steel kitchen vent hood-

16 gauge stainless steel with welded corners, matching shelf with concealable back splash to match.


-Garden markers-

2 layers of 1/8 inch carbon steel welded together to form a 1/4 inch thick stake with inlaid font for marking off your pomodori or hanging on the kitchen wall.


-Fountain spouts-

3 inch diameter and an 1/8 inch thick wall copper pipe. Custom cut for a turn-a-round driveway fountain.


-Iron rust on white glass-

What, like you've never done that?


-Mailbox topper-

Super thick 30-0z copper sheet metal and 1/8 inch busbar form the body of this massive Palladian cap. White glass windows and lit from within.